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Contemporary Gestalt Therapy

The goal of Gestalt therapy is to promote psychological growth of individualsby supporting people, assisting them to remain stable and healthy in this changing world and society. In this sense the Gestalt metodology is a part of the contemporary psychological approach which considers "how to support the individual in his/her individuality and in their right of being who she/he really is" as the main aim of psychotherapy intervention.

CIPOG, Italian Center of Gestalt Oriented Psychoterapy, is a team of associated and qualified professionals engaged in psychotherapy, training and research. We adhere to the original theory and practice of Gestalt Therapy as well as to its ongoing development which has characterized the Gestalt methodology evolution during the last 40 years. In our work we focus on the core human needs of people and their innate potential and ability as well as self-regulation and self-support.

Our work is dedicated to those are looking for a modern and direct psychotherapeutic approach and equally to those colleagues who wish to improve their skills with highly qualified and advanced training, focus groups, workshops and supervision.
In these pages you can find further information, free papers and you can learn more about our methology and work philosophy.

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Gestalt Therapy Training

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Gestalt Therapy Training Workshop for Professionals

March 2014
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CIPOG - Contemporary Gestalt Therapy in Italy - Rome - Florence
Gestalt Psychotherapy, Training, Supervision and Research

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